Saturday, May 28, 2011

Never a dull moment..

Well we completed yet another week here in London. And we've done some more fun things! Joey finished another week of work, and he actually has all next week off, so we've been able to do some fun things. Among the few things we've done are the National History Museum, the National Portrait Gallery, the Science Museum, the British Library, Westfields mall and other hot spots around town. London has been good to us. There are a billion pictures, and they might be out of order, so sorry, but enjoy!!

The London Eye

The National Portrait Gallery
Joey and I both love Princess Diana

We went to the National History Museum and the Science Museum.
It was one of the hardest rains storms I've ever seen.
And we only had one umbrella. Great.

This is the entrance to the Science Museum.
The escalator goes into that dome. Way cool.

Oh herro! They had an earthquake simulator at
the SM of the earthquake in Japan.
Joey loved it.

We had fun playing around with all the different interactive stuff.
This is simulating a figure skater. You spin around way fast.

This is the humpback whale at the NHM. It was huge!

This is the entrance to the NHM.
The building itself was absolutely incredible.

Way cool exhibit.

We then made our way over to Westfields. It's a gigantic mall that has every store you could ever think of. We spent hours there wandering around and we were blown away. The mall itself was really cool, and we could have gotten in some real trouble shopping if we let ourselves. We definitely want to go back, it was so cool.

View of the center of the mall.

I have been craving frozen yogurt since the day we got here.
Emi told us about SNOG and I have had my eyes peeled for one ever since.
Of course I found one at that mall.
It was really cute, the side of the cup says "I love a little snog" or "guilt-free snog".
Best SNOG I've ever had, but sorry, TOP IT is way better.

We take the tube every where. Of course we love the Notting Hill Gate.

We went to the British Library. They have some cool stuff there.

One of my favorite things was this chair thing. People were using these things
while studying at the table, or drinking their coffee, or whatever.
I've never seen anything like that before.

Amazing hotel.

This is their pathetic excuse for platform 9 3/4.
I was looking forward to going to it ALL day, and this is what we found.
I was ticked. This doesn't even look like it!!
Joey told me they used to have one in the station that actually looked like the real thing.
They had a better one at the Trax station in SLC when HP 7 came out. Boo.

Sorry, there are a million pictures. I had a hard time picking out which ones I wanted and which ones I didn't. We've been doing too many fun things here to document them all, but mom, this is mostly for you. You want to know everything we're doing.. here you go!! Love you all, miss you like crazy. Email/facebook/text us, we love it all.
XOXO!! -Page and Joey

Thursday, May 26, 2011

I miss you..

Ok. We are loving London, don't get me wrong. But lets be honest... there are few things that I've been missing. To state the obvious, we miss our friends and family the most. We love you. Of course we do. But there are two other things that I really really miss.....


So for any of you that are within 1,000 miles of either of those two places, go get one, in our honor, and please think of us. And how lucky you are to have such deliciousness at your fingertips. Cafe Rio, Top It.. you are missed dearly. We'll see you in 2 months. Can't wait.

XOXO- Page and Joey

Monday, May 23, 2011

Oh what a weekend!

It's Monday again. It's hard to start a new week when we've had such a fun weekend. Joey's off to work again, and I am here blogging and watching Friends. Rough life, I know. But we had a great weekend, filled with lots of fun. Thursday night, we went the broadway show JERSEY BOYS. It's the story of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. We absolutely loved it. The music was so fun and we recognized most of the songs (actually most of the songs are on Joe Muscalino's playlist). But it was great! We got really awesome seats in the box, we were the only ones on our row, and we had a great view.

"Oh what a night!" (one of their songs)

One of the funnier things that happen to us before we went to the show... we were walking around China town, looking for somewhere good to eat, but we also wanted to go somewhere cheap. So we are stopping at every restaurant looking at the menu, trying to find the best deal. We stopped at this Chinese buffet, and it looked suspicious, but it was super super cheap and we were starving, so we said "Why not!?!". Bad idea. It was the WORST food ever. We couldn't even eat it because it was so awful, and we were scared that we were going to get sick. So we payed the bill at the sketchy restaurant for the uneaten food, and made our way to a guaranteed good restaurant. McDonald's. Joey couldn't have been happier, you know how he feels about McDonald's, but then again, I think it was the best meal I have ever eaten. It just goes to show, that sometimes it's ok to spend an extra buck or two to eat a good meal. We've learned our lesson. Ba da da da da, I'm lovin it!!

We got some GREAT news this week. Joey was talking to the other two interns here, and they told him that they have every Friday off. So Joey went to work the next day and barely mentioned it and they gave him Fridays off too!! I couldn't be more thrilled. One more day that I get to hang out with Joey and an extra to go see the city together. So on Friday, we went to Borough Market, which was fun. They had ton of food stands, and it was a fun atmosphere. We might have picked the wrong day to go though, because it was a little smaller then we were expecting, but still a fun outing.

Then we went and saw some more sites around town and we went to a few museums...

That's Tower Bridge in the background

St. Paul's Catherdral

We just walked across this way cool bridge.
It's the bridge that colapses at the beginning of Harry Potter!

Same bridge, different view. I love HP!!

We went to the Tate Modern museum and saw a lot of originals from many famous artists.
This one is Monet, and Joey loved it!

Next to the famous red telephones and St. Paul's Cathedral.

On Saturday we went to Portobello Market and I absolutely LOVED it!! There were so many fun shops, and cute things to look at. The street is lined with these cute, colored houses. One of my favorite things we've done thus far. The top right picture is the travel bookshop in Notting Hill. I love the movie hot spots!! The bottom left is a clothing store and the entire wall is lined with antique sewing machines. So cool! I want to go back!

We had a picnic lunch in Kensington Park and walked over to Hyde Park to see this Princess Diana fountain. It was really cool, it's in the shape of her necklace, and you can walk around the entire ring in the water. There were tons of kids and families, and we loved walking in the water. I want a monument like that for me when I die. :)

So anyway, that just about sums up our weekend. Probably more than you wanted to know, but we loved every minute of it! The more I see of the city, and the more I'm around the people, I fall in love with this place. We are so lucky to have this little adventure together. Love you all!! And talk to you soon! XOXO- Page and Joey

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Foggy London Town.

I used to have a blog, but I sucked at updating it, so now that Joey and I are married and while we are here in London, I am going to make my best effort to stay on top of it, and start blogging again! We hope you enjoy...

So here we are, in foggy London town. Only a week after being married, we have taken off to spend the summer in another country. Our wedding was incredible, the perfect day for us. It was filled with fun times, great memories and wonderful people. I'll definitely go into more detail about that when we get our pictures back. But we couldn't have been more happy about the day, and thanks to everyone who shared that special day with us. We arrived here in London on Saturday, exhausted from traveling, but excited for what was to come. Sariah, the woman we are staying with, met us at the airport, and helped us with our 4 suitcases. Ridiculous amount of luggage? Yes. We went and got our oyster cards (our pass for the tube), and got our phones set up for the both of us. We traveled into Wimbledon and wheeled our way to our flat. We have a great set up here and we really like the people we are staying with.

The first thing I realized about London, is that everything is tiny and compact. There isn't really space for anything, but you make do with what you have. We have a tiny fridge in the kitchen along with a washer, and no dryer. Our room has space for a bed, and a standing closet, and that's about it. But it's cozy and we like it.

This is our cozy little bed. It actually is quite comfortable.
This is our little make shift closet and our fireplace.

Our first couple of days were spent sleeping and getting used to the time change. Joey wanted to be ready for work bright and early on Monday morning. He loves the people he works with, and he was shocked with how tiny his office is. His office is smaller than our bedroom, and there are three people working in there! We'll post a picture of that shortly. I met him in town after his first day of work and we walked around downtown London. This city is amazing!

Joey outside of the building he works in.

Here we are outside Westminster Abbey.
This is where William and Kate were married!

We took a walk through the park, and it was actually really pretty. We came up to this pond and Joey was so amazed by how beautiful it was. So of course we got a picture of it.
Outside Buckingham Palace. This place is really cool.

On Tuesday morning, the woman that Joey works for set up a tour for us so he could get a feel for the building he is working in. I was lucky enough to tag along and I was really excited. So I got up early in the morning and got to go into work with him. So we went on a tour of Parliament and saw the whole building where Joey works. Well almost the whole building... towards the end of the tour, I started feeling really light-headed. I didn't really think much of it, and so I tried to focus back on the tour. Then it happened again.. and then I started blacking out.. and then I fainted. Yes. Me. I fainted in the middle of our tour of Parliament. It was the weirdest thing. We were in the House of Lords and standing in front of these benches where parliament sits, and before we got there, they told us not sit down because every major Lord, Prince, Princess and other important people in government sit there. But I beat the system. I decided to faint in front of all these strangers, scare myself, our tour guide, and our group half to death, and almost give Joey a heart attack. But I got to sit down on those forbidden benches! And then after, I got to sit down out in the lobby, have people bring me cups of water and a chocolate bar, while I am still shaking in a cold sweat. We even got to visit the nurse and sit in a special room while I calmed down. I started laughing because I couldn't believe that happened and I was kind of embarrassed. And then, of course, Joey and I both started crying because of how scared we were. That was the strangest thing that has ever happened to me, and I hope and pray it never happens again! But hey, never a dull moment in London, right? Luckily Joey called his office, and the lady he works for insisted that he take the day off and bring me home. So we both came home, took a 3 1/2 hour nap, which I think we both really needed. It was great. So just so you know, I faint in London. Weirdest thing ever. I feel fine now, I took some medicine, and I am just going to take it easy for the next couple of days. And I really enjoyed what I saw on the tour, it's a beautiful building, and hopefully we'll get to finish it sometime! But for right now, our tour of parliament... was not my finest moment.
This is us outside of the Parliament building where we had our tour.
This is actually pre-faint.

So that pretty much sums up our trip so far. We are having a great time, and we feel very blessed to be here. We have so many more fun adventures ahead of us. We miss every one back home, but we will be back before we know. And we love to hear from you so email us any time you would like. LOVE YOU ALL!! XOXO! -Page and Joey