Wednesday, April 18, 2012

We'll give it another try...

Ok I admit it. I suck. I fail miserably. I am not good at blogging. There's that fine line between not having enough time or great internet connection and not really having anything to blog about that keeps me from being an avid blogger. But then I think about how I sad I will be in 10 (or even 5) years when I can't remember anything that we did, especially in our first year of marriage. So here goes another try at being a "blogger". I don't make any promises, but I will try and be better.

They say that a "picture is worth a thousand words" Since I haven't posted anything since November, I am going to do a overview of the past few months through the pictures that I have, and hopefully it will jog my memory.


We took a trip down to Arizona with Annie and Jimmy! SO much fun to shop, eat good food and, have fun with friends!

We went to the premiere of Breaking Dawn, of course.

and HAPPY THANKSGIVING! NO pics of that, but we spent the day with Joey's family and then my family did something over the weekend.


We bought our first Christmas tree!!

Date night with friends to see the lights at temple square and make gingerbread houses!

Christmas devotional and brunch at The Grand

TGE Christmas dinner (we missed you Abby)

Christmas eve and pajamas!


Ice skating with the cousins!


We celebrated and brought in the new year at the Rice's!

Work, as usual, in the new year

We had a pizza-making night with Haley and Johnny! Super yummy!


We watched these cuties for a few days while their parents were out of town.

Flowers, cards, dinner, and Lady Antebellum!
Love you Joey!!

Quite an entertaining date night with Rachel and Kevin!
Unicorn City and dinner at Crown Burger!

Happy Birthday Mckenzi!


Cousin bowling and frozen yogurt!

Happy 25th birthday to me! I took the day off work and spoiled myself with massage. Spent time with friends and family!

URSHA Convention in California! We got to try out the latest and greatest workout equipment, I got to meet Dolvett from the Biggest Loser, and we got to go to ELLEN!!

This guy turned 25!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Love you babe!


We went down to Phoenix with the Rice's! So much fun and great to be in the sun!


Fun with our primary class! We teach the CTR 8 class!

We welcomed Piper into the family on April 10. 7lbs 2 oz. I LOVE HER!!! Congratulations to Julie and Ryan!

Ok ok, that's all I have. And I am exhausted. Sorry for the picture overload, but that's what you get for catching up on the last 6 months. Maybe I'll see you soon... XOXO!!